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Professional Landscape Planning


“Roadmap to a Great Outdoors”

After almost two decades of installing quality landscapes, there is one thing that we are absolutely certain about  at Land Hoe!… The best landscaping results are achieved when the landscape area that is to be improved, has a plan to guide the work before it starts.  At Land Hoe! our design team has an average of over 25 years in the green industry.  We bring landscape design ideas that incorporate all of the latest hardscape products and right-sized trees and shrubs for creating structure in your yard.  We combine that with a broad plant pallet, lighting ideas and carpentry features that compliment the architecture of your home. This comprehensive plan becomes your guide to a beautiful landscape.

A professionally prepared plan is truly a roadmap to a great outdoors at your home.  Plans are always done to scale so that everything ends up in the right place.  Professional plans always consider the form and function of what YOU would like to see your landscape become.  Uses by adults, children of various ages and pets are all important considerations.  Plans always take into account the terrain at your home, as there are so few truly flat lots here in the NW!  Professional designers study the soil, moisture and sun exposure of the portions of your home that are to be reworked, in order to map out the various micro-climates that dictate plant selections.  Professional designers also know which of your existing plants to suggest keeping, and which have reached the end of their usefulness.

When you contract for a professional plan, at the end of the process, you receive a document that lets you proceed in many ways, but always with the end goal in mind.  You can use such a plan to work on your own landscape, and/or work on it in conjunction with a professional company like Land Hoe! that has quality equipment, and the skill to use that equipment.  We make quick work of what might otherwise be extremely difficult for you; especially in the starting phase of a project which so often involves demolition, trucking and dumping.

If you want the work professionally installed, you can reproduce the plan to give to 2 or 3 professional companies for their purposes of bidding the work to you.  The plan also allows for an orderly, well-focused approach should you want to phase in the work over time.  This is what many of our customers do…they work with us to identify a logical flow of work in phases that they have funds for, then have us back periodically to continue with the project.  Along those lines, it is always a good idea to have an approximate budget in mind for either phased work, or for the project in its entirely, before meeting with the designer.  Knowing what you want to invest helps the designer create a plan that is right-sized for you.

Professional plans lead to professional results.  And did you know this statistic?  Professionally installed landscapes are in the top 25% of home improvement projects for retained value!!!