Heavenly Bamboo

by Bruce Gaudette
June 2, 2008

Don’t let the common name fool you, Heavenly Bamboo is a broadleaf evergreen, not a bamboo at all! This plant is exceptional in all aspects. It can be planted in either full sun or shade. It is drought tolerant, takes poor soil and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The standard Heavenly Bamboo grows at a moderate rate to 4-6′ tall. The leaves are fine and lacy in texture giving it the appearance of Bamboo. In spring new shoots of bronze, red, or purple leaves appear (depending on the variety) then turn to green, followed by long cone shaped clusters of creamy white flowers in summer that form red berries in the fall. The show continues throughout the winter as the leaves turn a crimson to deep red. The species come in a multitude of sizes and colors from tall and dwarf shrubs, to a bolder leaf ground cover. Take the time to look this plant up, there is a place for it in any garden.

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